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Worldwide, the airline industry is responsible for 2-3% of the global man-made CO2 emissions. We care about our air and therefore have a partnership with GreenSeat. Each hour that we fly we donate € 3,25 to the Greenseat projects. By supporting these projects for CO2 emission reduction, we ensure that the volume of CO2 in the atmosphere does not increase.

We support the following projects:

  • Windmills in India
  • Biogas in Cambodia
  • Cookstoves in Uganda

We donate €3,25 to GreenSeat for each flying hour!


By supporting projects that reduce CO2 emission, we ensure that the volume of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere does not increase. By contributing funds to such projects that are equivalent to the emissions caused by our planes, we offset our own emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by replacing fossil fuels with sustainable ones. By supporting GreenSeat, we are giving households in developing countries access to sustainable energy and make their lives better!

Learn more about GreenSeat! Check out their website here.

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It is our passion to be up in the air enjoying every minute of the stunning view over our city and archipelago! That feeling and that view is what we would love to share with you, and we promise to give you a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll remember this tour for being the best thing you did in Stockholm!


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