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Terms and conditions


FlyOverStockholm will use its best endeavors to deliver the service as advertised, discussed verbally, negotiated with a client or communicated via electronic or written form… However actual sights, flights, routes, helicopters, departure times & flight duration may vary (or even be cancelled) due to weather or pilot discretion. FlyOverStockholm can give no guarantee of exact arrival or departure time for any service and will not be liable for any failure to make connections to other services or not achieving stated outcomes due to operational considerations beyond its control.


If unsuitable weather on the day of the client’s flight exists (with no signs of improvement forecast), the flight may be re-scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient. If the client is unable to fly at any other time (i.e. the client is leaving the next day), then no fees are payable by the client. The call on the weather is at the absolute discretion of the pilot. FlyOverStockholm does not fly in heavy rain/poor visibility or when thunderstorms are in the area of flight. Safety is our number one priority.

On occasion, delays can occur for reasons beyond FlyOverStockholm’s control (i.e. passing storm / operational considerations). On these occasions FlyOverStockholm may exercise a “60-minute wait window”. This means that FlyOverStockholm will reserve the right to make a decision to fly for up to 60 minutes, in this time period the original booking and all our terms & conditions still stand (please allow for this contingency with your schedule).
Unless agreed prior, at no stage FlyOverStockholm is financially responsible for how passengers arrive or depart (by road) to or from our base.


If an offer has a limited validity or has other specifications, this will be emphatically mentioned. The offer contains a complete and accurate description of the offered products and services. The description is sufficiently detailed to enable a proper consumer’s assessment of the products/services. Obvious mistakes and errors do not bind.


The agreement is finalized at the moment the client accepts the offer and meets the conditions. If the client has accepted electronically the offer, FlyOverStockholm immediately confirms electronically that it has received the acceptance of the offer.

If the agreement is concluded electronically, we will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the electronic data transfer and ensure a safe web environment. If the consumer pays electronically, FlyOverStockholm will observe the necessary security measures.


Payment of flights and other products must be made when the client books unless otherwise noted. The booking is only binding with FlyOverStockholm when payment has been received. Failure to comply with the terms of payment will result in the booking automatically being cancelled.

On an automatic cancellation the passenger must pay the cancellation fee in accordance with the conditions of cancellation mentioned in section ‘Client Obligations’. When making a payment to FlyOverStockholm, please refer to your booking number. Only official payment receipts are valid as proof of payment. Receipts from your bank statements (home banking) are not accepted as valid proof of payment.


If the client is purchasing 1, 2, or 3 seats on the helicopter the remaining seats could be (but are not always) occupied by other passengers. If the flight booking equals 4 passengers the client will automatically qualify for “Private Charter”. Helicopter type & seating positions are subject to a weight & balance calculation on the day of the flight and are decided at the absolute discretion of the Pilot in Command.


The client can purchase tickets through the website of FlyOverStockholm or by phone. On receipt of the payment, we determine whether there is a flight available. The time chosen at the booking is not the definitive time. The definitive time can be found on the boarding card, which will be send electronically once the booking is confirmed. We try to take into account the choice of day and time where possible. We will always contact the client if there is more than four hours difference between the choice of day/time and our flight possibilities. If we cannot find a suitable flight, we will reimburse 100% of the payment.


Cancellation (by the client) within 7 calendar days of flight date, you will receive your entire booking amount minus 250 SEK administration fee return. Cancellation (by the client) within 2 calendar days of flight date, you will receive 50% of you booking amount minus 250 SEK administration fee return. Cancellation (by the client) within 1 calendar day of flight date, or a no-show, will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

You can reschedule your flight. Changes will be free of charge until 48 hours before departure. For changes made less than 48 hours before departure, we charge 750 SEK.

Bookings made for peak periods (July and August) and/or national public holidays and then cancelled (within 7 calendar days prior to the departure date) will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee.


No fees are payable if FlyOverStockholm cancels the flight due to weather or other operational contingency. Refunds of payments made through 3rd party booking agents must be sought from the booking agent. It is also a requirement that (at time of booking) the client informs FlyOverStockholm of (any passengers that have) any physical or intellectual handicap (this is for no other reason than to help us help you).

FlyOverStockholm and its employees reserve the right to deny carriage/boarding (without refund) to any client or other person who behaves at any stage in a disorderly, intoxicated, threatening or offensive manner to the flight/ground crew or other passengers. Under Civil Aviation law, clients are also reminded that any such behavior may result in a criminal prosecution.


FlyOverStockholm’s duty is to minimize risk by making safety our primary focus and at the same time, to provide memorable experiences for our passengers.

FlyOverStockholm’s tours are conducted by a third party:

H-Bird Aviation Services AB
Organisation number: 556678-6223
Fully certified by Transportstyrelsen (Swedish Transport Agency) to operate under the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) number SE.AOC.0070.
Hummingbird Aviation features all statutory insurance.

The General Terms and Conditions of Carriage of H-Bird Aviation Services AB apply to all flights operated by H-Bird Aviation Services AB.


All flights are subject to the aircraft / helicopter operating within its weight and balance/performance limitations as specified in the Pilot Operating Handbook. Every flight has a maximum allowable total weight for passengers.Our triple helicopters seat up to 3 passengers plus one pilot. The total weight of the passengers cannot exceed 250 kg. Weight per seat cannot exceed 132 kg. Our quad helicopters seat up to 4 passengers plus one pilot. The total weight of the passengers cannot exceed 340 kg. Weight per seat cannot exceed 132 kg and the front seat cannot exceed 85 kg. This is also confirmed on the day of flight as clients are weighed prior to departure. Please note: Giving an incorrect weight at time of booking, could result in cancellation of the seat(s) on the day of the flight (with penalty) if it causes us operational difficulties, (i.e. the actual weights will contribute to an excess greater than our helicopter maximum take-off weight).


If the carrying out of any agreement by FlyOverStockholm gives rise to liability, this liability shall in all circumstances be limited to the amount which is paid out under FlyOverStockholm’s insurancy policy in the matter concerned. If the insurer makes no payment under the insurance policy, any liability shall be limited to a sum equal to the amount invoiced by FlyOverStockholm to the client in the matter concerned.

Claims for damages will lapse if proceedings are not instituted in the competent court within one year of the discovery of the relevant harm or loss.

FlyOverStockholm is entitled to engage third parties such as H-Bird Aviation Services AB and is authorized to accept, for and on behalf of the client, any limitation of liability by any third party. Any liability of FlyOverStockholm for a third’s party’s failure to perform his/it’s obligations is limited to the amount that the client could have recovered from that third party in a direct action against that third party.

The client indemnifies FlyOverStockholm against any third-party claim arising from or related to the carrying out of an agreement by FlyOverStockholm.

Baggage and personal belongings (if allowed onboard by the pilot) are carried entirely at the client’s own risk.


Any information we receive via this web site or directly from you will be considered private and will never be passed on to any third party, except:

  • FlyOverStockholm will supply the e-mail addresses of clients to TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor will use this e-mail address to send an invitation to leave a review on TripAdvisor. Email addresses provided to TripAdvisor are stored separately and securely. Access is limited to specific people on the TripAdvisor team. TripAdvisor does not use these email addresses for other purposes than to send an invitation to review FlyOverStockholm.


The services provided and any liability claims are governed by the laws of Sweden. Disputes are resolved by the court of first instance in Stockholm.

FlyOverStockholm is a trade name of SthlmTickets AB:

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Organisation Number: 559119-0540

Flights are operated by H-Bird Aviation Services AB, AOC number: SE.AOC.0070

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Organisation Number: 559119-0540


It is our passion to be up in the air enjoying every minute of the stunning view over our city and archipelago! That feeling and that view is what we would love to share with you, and we promise to give you a once in a lifetime experience. You’ll remember this tour for being the best thing you did in Stockholm!


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